Stock, Flow and 3-D news

From Wired.

Josh Kalven writes in the CJR about Stock, Flow, and My Entrepreneurial Origin Story. Josh’s metaphor on Stock and Flow goes to the heart of what has been ailing news delivery for a long time: creating context. Some of the context, what Josh calls stock, resides in splintered form within your affinity community. News, what Josh calls flow, describes shifting conditions. Over time flow accumulates to create new stock — much like the 6-foot snow drifts we have here in Chicago. Used to be the reporter held the stock of the story, and the flow emerged from within her context. With online news, we now have tools to reveal the stock independent of the flow, and fold new flow in to create new stock. We also have the tools to crowd source the stock and reveal the flow against many points of view. As we approach what feels a lot like 3-D News, the question remains what new tools will evolve to deliver it?