Send me to Minneapolis – Kickstarter Project #1

Here’s my latest from ChuffPo on Chicago news as an ecosystem and social enterprise. Don’t Chicago’s news blogs have enough skin in the game?

This augments my ChuffPo piece last week State of pay: A Chicago news blog suspense story.

To date, the work I’ve done reporting on the future of Chicago news and its potential as a social enterprise, or L3C, has been pro bono. It’s time folks understand that journalism takes money. All of it — researching, reporting, writing and distributing news takes money. So I am asking the crowd who care to fund my one day trip to Minneapolis to report on the Economic Models for News conference. If I go, I will Twitter live from the event as well as develop at least two article ideas, which I will sell.

I’ve registered this conference as a project with a new website called Kickstarter to see if I can raise $900 to pay for my time and travel expenses. If you check out the site, please let me know if my project is working by making a donation!

Thank you in advance for your support.