What do PRI Makers care about?

What do PRI Makers care about?

Well it says it right there on their website.

Says Alaina Smith, Communications Manager for Philanthropy Northwest, who is running the conference here.

Innovate. Leverage. Grow.

Innovate: In making PRIs, foundations are employing new and evolving approaches to philanthropy. By making inexpensive capital available to enterprising organizations, they are encouraging new approaches to addressing social needs.

Leverage: Foundations use PRIs to make the most of their resources. PRIs are recyclable. Their proceeds can be reused over and over to extend their value. Strategically timed and deployed PRIs can attract additional investment from private public sources, multiplying their impact.

Grow: While grants are instrumental in testing ideas and establishing programs, additional kinds of investment are necessary to build sustainable organizations and bring effective programs to scale. PRIs can accelerate that process and help organizations reach greater numbers of people.

There’s also a clue in the language revealed under one of the PRI Maker home page drop-downs

Finding Deals
Investment opportunities
PRI Activity Database
Deals Clearinghouse

Doesn’t sound much like charity, does it? That’s why I like the sound of it for media.