How good girls become fast girls online through sexting and social media

OK. I have a question for you wise ones particularly you moms and dads and social media wizards. I’d really like to hear from you teens out there. I have a few resources in mind, but I need your thoughts and inspired suggestions.

We’ll call this a hypothetical.

Say you are a mom of a 16 year old girl. Say your daughter is very bright and beautiful and going to one of the most prestigious gifted high schools in her town. Say she has fallen in with a crowd that thinks the game “F**K, Marry or Kill” is Fun, and thinks that oral sex is not really sex. She is a good student but has had stress around school performance. She has been a girl who has known her value in the world. Her family is loving and caring, but mom is going out of her mind with worry because not only does previously sweet daughter think oral sex is not sex, she and her boyfriend appear to be addicted to sexting and other sexually provocative behavior on various social media, including Facebook and Tumblr.

Mom fears this amounts to a pornography addiction. Mom has intervened stridently with daughter, boyfriend and with boyfriend’s mom – who doesn’t seem to care. Mom and daughter are locked in disagreement. Dad has been asked to intervene.

I see a few women authors are active in this world of the teen girl. Leora Tanenbaum, author of Slut, wrote this recently. Also Rachel Simmons, author of Odd Girl Out, seems very active in this sphere.

Where would you point this mom and family to for support? Also, do you know of social media “erasing” and monitoring services that could be useful? I know of a few under development. Thoughts and reax?