Dec. 3 : What is this Commons Transition anyway?

For Dec. 3 — If you’re stretched for time, you can read this abbreviated version by Michel Bauwens with a focus on the Main Points.

Are you a Steward of the Chicago Commons? Are you uncertain what that means? Do  you want to  learn more so you know whether you are?

Join us for a discussion of a Chicago Chamber of Commons and understand more about the Commons transition at Sulzer Library Dec. 3, 2015. We’ll be reading and discussing the Commons Transition: Policy Proposals for an Open Knowledge Societya free downloadable e-book, featuring  three newly updated Commons Transition plans by Michel Bauwens, John Restakis and George Dafermos. For a short introduction read notes from Bauwens talk at Cooperation 2015,   my blog post on the Chicago Community Trust On the Table event and notes from the Oct. 10 event.

Dec. 3, 2015
7:00pm  to 8:30pm
Sulzer regional Library

4455 N. Lincoln Avenue
Chicago IL 60625
(312) 744-7616

Millions of voices spotlight the problems facing our world while collegial visionaries join forces to create systemic solutions to these problems. Our intention is that the Chicago Chamber of Commons will honor and support these stewards doing this essential work in our home town.

A group of us who met recently to discuss the idea of the proposed Chamber have agreed that it would be helpful to bring people together to understand exactly what the Commons Transition is, how that dynamic is underway here in Chicago and where a proposed Chamber of Commons might fit within that dynamic.

A report from our October 10, 2015 gathering at the Institute for Cultural Affairs shows a draft timeline of steps toward formation of a Chamber. Among the initial and ongoing steps is a map of the many Chicago organizations who are doing important and essential work around the Commons. The Chamber of Commons asks the question — What do these stewards need so their work can continue unabated and uninterrupted? The follow-up question is — How can a proposed Chamber of Commons help to meet those needs?

We anticipate that reading and discussing the Commons Transition Plan will help us understand the strategic need for a Chicago Chamber of Commons within the landscape of Chicago’s stewards’ needs.

It’s a time of year when  we know that everybody is busy with their own family, work and play so we’d be honored if you’d join us. Once again, here’s the link to the free e-book for your reading convenience.

Please register here so that we know who’s coming.