Can your trusted personal brand earn your pay?

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Ask. Connect. Be vulnerable. That’s what Amanda Palmer says fuels her musical earnings in this moving and persuasive Ted talk.

Is trust the currency that will pay for local news? Can your trusted brand as a journalist pay for the work you do? Maybe the answer  depends on some key things.  Does your news come from the heart of your community? Does your audience value your work as much as you do?

If they do, maybe 1000 true fans is all you need. If not, how can you adjust to the needs of your audience?

Think about it — how has trust fueled your news site? How can you create more of it?

Or is Palmer’s talk another case of persuasive propaganda fueling a misty-eyed view of the Internet? News sites, you tell me. Are we just tilting at windmills here?

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Can 1,000 true fans make a living for journalists?

Journalists and niche sites looking for a revenue model are just a peek around the corner from what looks like some workable answers. If you are conversing with your audience in a way that is relevant to them, and you ask them for support they will be there. That is if the principle of 1,000 true fans proves true for news as for other kinds of bloggers, curators and synthesizers.

Obviously, the power of passionate followers is not news to folks like Maria Popova and her Brain Pickings as Felix Salmon points out in his recent post for Reuters. And Andrew Sullivan, in a much reported move, recently went public with The Daily Dish. My Continue reading Can 1,000 true fans make a living for journalists?