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Your digital brand as a journalist: Showcase your strengths, find your niche to stand out online authentically

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

That is really what a brand is about – how you make people feel. In real life and online, your brand is how people feel about you.

Steve Jobs hated the word “branding” but his brand as a creative perfectionist was iconic . The brand he created, Apple, continues to reflect his core attributes – smart, creative, genius .

To get started
Develop  one word or a phrase —  enthusiastic, passionate, energetic, confident — to express the best of who you are. Express that in all you do and say online and in real life. I’ve included some books at the end of this presentation to help you through this process.

THREE RULES of branding for journalists (or for anyone)

  • RULE No. 1:
    Your brand is who you are, with your strengths maximized. It is your professional reputation. A brand is not simply a logo and tagline, a brand is what people feel about you. Think— Starbucks is good coffee.
  • RULE No. 2:
    If you don’t tell people who you are, they’ll create an image for themselves of who you are. It could be wrong!
  • RULE No. 3
    To tell people who you are, develop excellent real life people skills and combine them with the appropriate online platforms,

Connect with colleagues in your field. Connect with possible clients and editors. But first, know who you are.  Identify and maximize your strengths.  BE MINDFUL of what you say in real life and online. LISTEN. Share. Tell the story of your strengths.

Build authentic relationships.
Know your strengths and find the words, images and tone that guide you at your best and reflect your passions.

Be active in real life
pick up the phone, have coffee, attend events about topics you are interested in. LISTEN and LEARN. THEN share who you are. Network online through appropriate channels.

Journalists are well positioned to use the Web well because they are accustomed to creating for an unknown audience.

That’s the thing, you never know who’s watching you online.
It could be some some crazy cat, a nation of broadcasters, or a client or editor … which is what you want!

Share sensitive information about clients online.
Post any content that could be considered offensive (this means insulting language, swearing, dismissive snark. You can stand for something without being offensive. )
One of the great things about the Web is that you can stand for something and easily find like communities of people. These affinity communities can be a source of work and community for you.

Here are some books to help you understand your strengths

Promote Yourself: The New Rules for Career Success
By Dan Schawbel

Build your life brand – some useful tips
by Stedman Graham

Career Distinction — this is my favorite
By William Arruda Kirsten Dixson

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