Branding on the Web 101 for Working Journalists

savingsChicago journalists, join me for a conversation about practical ways to move your journalism career online by building a personal brand and using the social Web.
The first step to getting found on the Web is knowing who you are and what you have to offer that is unique to you. These days, this expression of our identity, this knowing who you are, is called our “personal brand.” It’s basically how the world experiences us. Visit our event page on Facebook. 

About Working Journalists

Working Journalists is a start up by the Chicago Newspaper Guild. Membership is currently free but the organizers are pulling folks together to discuss what the membership fee should be. The organizer, Beth Kramer, is negotiating what the benefits of the chapter would be and is looking for feedback from independent journalist. Here’s her initial list of thoughts:

  • a community for freelancers to network with each other
  • payment collecting assistance
  • press credentials

As a long-time freelancer, the one that speaks to me most directly is City of Chicago press credentials. But Beth is looking for thoughts from the community.

To learn more about Working Journalists, visit the statement by the Chicago Newspaper Guild and read the announcement below made to Chicago Sun-Times alum.

Dear SunTimes Alumni,

The world of journalism is changing. As newspapers like the SunTimes increasingly rely on freelancers to fill the news void, what organization is stepping up to fill the void to support freelance/independent media professionals?

Working Journalists is bridging that gap.  WJ believes in the power of numbers—when we stand together, we can improve working conditions for freelancers while keeping the media industry vibrant. In addition to creating a community for freelancers to network with each other, WJ is offering the following services for its members: assistance collecting payment from deadbeat employers, press credentials (subject to application process) and professional development. What else?

Join Working Journalists at no financial obligation to add your input. Membership fees for new members is waived until spring 2015. You literally have nothing to lose by joining. You can join by filling out the online application at this link:

How does it work? WJ is a new unit of Chicago Newspaper Guild, meaning Working Journalists is backed by the nation’s largest union of journalists and communication workers. Members dictate Working Journalists’ priorities.

Connect with Working Journalists

Facebook: Working Journalists

Twitter: @workingjournos

LinkedIn: Chicago Working Journalists


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