My Website shortly after 9/11

Here’s a link from the Way Back Machine to my website from shortly after 9/11/01. I was an independent journalist at that time as now. Horrified by the destruction of the World Trade Towers and the loss of life, saddened by the ways in which I felt our country dividing, I started monitoring relevant online independent media and linking to it. Here’s a snapshot of the time from a series of links I had posted to my site, titled “Creating Context.” Some of the links are still alive.

I had also started sending out information about a progressive response to a select group of contacts at the time, and received many thank you’s because it was impossible to find any mention of organizing for peace and the emails were proving to be an important connection. The events of that day changed our lives forever. At this time, I also connected with a group of US women activists who went to Afghanistan shortly after the bombing. They shared photos of their trip there with me and I tried to put them up online, but I didn’t have the capacity as a techie or in software to do it at that time.

If you had a website or Blog at that time and you responded to 9/11, you can access a record of your response at The Wayback Machine. Let me know if you are posting it.

I owned the domain name Creating Context for many years and finally let it go a few years ago. But as the future of news plays out today, I think “context” is key to how our news-streams will reorder themselves.

View my September 11 related links as they appeared in November 2001.

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